What Is a Nasal Obstruction?

The nose is continually stuffy. This affects your breathing. Your ENT physician in Manhattan, NY, is Dr. Richard Nass, and he can identify your nasal obstruction and the reasons for it. Get the treatment you need to breathe well and feel good again.

You and your nose

It's an important part of your facial appearance and also helps you breathe and use your sense of smell. Change the internal or external anatomy, and you develop troubles. You look different, breathe poorly, have trouble smelling and tasting food, and even have sinus infections over and over again. Yes, nasal obstruction can mar your good health.

Just what is a nasal obstruction?

It's a structural component that blocks the free passage of air. Your ENT physician in Manhattan discovers it by reviewing your symptoms and with X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) if required. He may examine the interior of your nose with a thin, lighted scope. Dr. Nass often diagnoses:

Treating nasal obstructions

Your nose is unique to you. As such, your treatment plan for nasal obstructions will vary according to your individual needs. Some patients need surgery to remove or reduce the size of nasal obstructions.

For instance, he may use balloon sinuplasty to compress enlarged tissues and open up the nasal passages. Other procedures include nasal valve repair and septoplasty to correct a deviated septum, says Healthline.

Other interventions may include:

Find out more

There's no need to suffer from nasal obstructions. Dr. Richard Nass and his team in Manhattan, NY, can help you breathe easier. Call this experienced ENT physician for a consultation (212) 734-4515.

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