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By Richard Nass, M.D.
July 08, 2020
Category: ENT Treatments
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In most patients, sinus infections are managed and cured in under a week, using typical home remedies. For some, however, they might need more potent treatments to get their sinus infection under control. If you’re one of the latter, you can come in for a consultation with your Manhattan, NY ENT, Dr. Richard Nass, to obtain proper treatment for your condition. With this in mind, doctors typically recommend a combination of the following treatments to combat sinus infections.

Nasal Decongestant Sprays

These can help if used for just three or four days max. Nasal decongestant sprays work by shrinking inflamed nasal passages to facilitate proper drainage flow from your sinuses. Take note that overusing these sprays could cause a rebound phenomenon, which is a condition that causes your nasal passages to swell and shut.

Antihistamine and Nasal Decongestant Combination Medications

OTC combination medications like these must be used with proper caution, as some have drying agents that could thicken the mucus. These work by clearing the nasal passages and addressing allergic reactions resulting from or contributing to sinus infections. This is the most common method recommended by Manhattan, NY ENT.

Nasal Corticosteroid Sprays

Prescription nasal corticosteroid sprays help reverse and prevent swelling and inflammation of the sinus openings and nasal passages. They’re likewise used to shrink and prevent the recurrence of nasal growths or polyps.


Primarily used for allergy relief, these stop inflammation from allergic reactions to help combat allergy symptoms that could result in swollen sinus and nasal passages.


If your Manhattan, NY ENT determines that your sinus infection is due to a bacterial infection, you will need to take antibiotics. Depending on which antibiotic type you’ll be taking, you may need to take it for three to twenty-eight days. Also, since the sinuses are deeply seated and receive limited blood flow, longer antibiotic treatment might be required for individuals with more severe or persistent cases.


If you don’t get relief from drug therapies, your ENT doctor may recommend sinus surgery. In most cases, surgery is used for correcting anatomical defects found in the bone that separates the nasal passages. However, it can likewise be used for opening up closed nasal passages and removing polyps. Surgery can be conducted under general or local anesthesia and is usually an out-patient procedure.

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