Nasal Breathing Problems

Dealing With Nasal Breathing Problems

Whatever the cause of your nasal breathing problems, treatment is available from Dr. Richard Nass.

Nasal breathing problems have many causes. Your nose and breathing passages may be obstructed from a cold or acute sinusitis. You could also have blocked sinuses, nasal inflammation, or facial pain and pressure. If you’ve also got watery eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure, congestion, or a cough, then allergies might be the cause of your symptoms.

While some nasal issues are only acute (short-term) others can be chronic (long-term).

Long-term nasal blockage may be caused by nasal polyps, nasal septal deviation, chronic nasal congestion, weakness of the side walls of the nose, and, infrequently by tumors.

When you visit our offices to learn about your nasal breathing problems, Dr. Nass will perform a complete head and neck examination and discuss your medical history so he can determine which types of tests will provide the most information about your situation.

Nasal breathing problems can be a chronic condition – a response to irritants such as tobacco smoke, certain medications, and some hormonal conditions.  In order to determine the cause of your congestion and design the right treatment for you, a sinus CT scan may be necessary to get an in- depth picture of your sinuses and the surrounding structures and tissue.

If an allergy is suspected, a simple blood test can provide the answer. If it is an allergy medications such as nasal steroid sprays, anti-histamines, decongestants, or other medications can take care of your symptoms. Occasionally allergy shots will be needed. And certain lifestyle changes to help reduce your exposure to allergens.

If your nasal breathing problems are caused by a structural defect, surgery may be the best way to correct the problem.

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