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Recurring Acute Sinus Infections

Do you keep getting sinus infections? Do they go away and just come back again?

We understand just how uncomfortable a sinus infection can be. The good news is that most people can manage their symptoms through simple home-care until the infection goes away on its own.

But what happens if it doesn’t? If sinus infections keep returning, it’s probably time to get answers from our East Hampton, and Manhattan, NY, ENT specialist Dr. Richard Nass.

Signs of a Sinus Infection

Sinuses are the spaces around your nose and forehead that allow mucus to drain. But when the sinuses get infected and swollen, paint and difficulty breathing are the results.

Some of the telltale signs of a sinus infection include:

  • Thick nasal discharge
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Swelling and pain around the cheeks, nose, and eyes
  • Sinus pressure
  • Trouble breathing through the nose
  • Postnasal drip
  • Bad breath
  • Inflammation of the nasal passages
  • Fatigue

Why Sinus Infections Come Back

Do you get four or more sinus infections each year? This is known as a recurring acute sinus infection. Unfortunately, some people are more prone to recurring sinus infections. While acute sinusitis is often the result of a cold or other respiratory infection, recurring sinus infections are usually caused by something else like an allergy, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum.

Our Manhattan, NY, and East Hampton, NY, ENT doctors can help you treat sinusitis. Once we’re able to pinpoint the root cause, we will be able to effectively treat it and provide you with the relief we know you need from recurring sinusitis.

If you get severe or persistent sinus infections, Dr. Nass in East Hampton, or Manhattan, NY can help you get it under control. Simply call (212) 734-4515, or (631) 658-0027 to schedule an evaluation.

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