Have Allergies? Seeing an ENT Can Help

By Richard Nass M.D.
May 21, 2014
Category: ENT Health
Tags: Allergies  
allergiesDr. Nass is a specialist in diseases of the ear, nose and throat. Respiratory allergy is an common annoyance that he can help you with. If you are in the Manhattan area and suffer from allergies, seeing Dr. Nass is a smart move.
Allergies are extremely common among our patients. Respiratory allergies are different than food and insect allergies, these allergies are caused by pollens, mold spores, house dust and animal dander. If you suffer from watery nasal discharge, sneezing bouts, itchy nose, eyes and mouth, you may have respiratory allergies.
Respiratory allergies are treated by these three categories:
  • Avoidance: Make your bedroom as “allergy-free” as possible. Remain indoors and use an air conditioner as often as possible. Rid your house of dust and mold.
  • Medications: There are different medicines to help with allergies, some over-the-counter and some prescription. To know which medicine is right for you, make sure you discuss with the doctor.
  • Allergic “desensitization” - Seeing a specialist and seeking medical attention is needed if you cannot tolerate the medication, or if medication is not helping.

Getting Rid of Allergies for Good

Dr. Nass will be able to clarify if your allergies need treated by desensitization. This is also known as immunotherapy and is the only method that cures an allergy. Regular desensitization requires numerous injections many times throughout a few years. Dr. Nass is using a new treatment called “sublingual immunotherapy,” which is an alternative to injections. Dr. Nass will give small doses of the allergen under the tongue. This will boost tolerance to the substance and will likely reduce your allergy symptoms.
If you feel like nothing has worked for you, and you are ready to enjoy the outdoors without feeling poorly, it might be time to see an ENT doctor. Dr. Nass is available to talk through the options with you. Contact him today at www.drrichardnass.com/contact.html. Or call our offices:
Manhattan Office - (212) 734-4515