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By Richard Nass, M.D.
February 21, 2017
Category: ENT Health
Tags: Nasal Issues  

Find out how recurring sinus infections or nasal obstructions can be improved with a trip to our ENT office.nasal issues

While a simple sinus problem such as a cold may not be enough to warrant a trip to see our Manhattan, NY, ENT Dr. Richard Nass, there are many situations that could arise that we can and should treat. Discover some surprisingly common ENT problems and what we can do to provide you with the relief you are looking for.

Nasal Obstructions

An obstruction is anything that prevents air from going through the nasal passages. Those with nasal obstructions often deal with some pretty unpleasant issues and difficulties eating, speaking or even breathing. Whether from nasal inflammation or allergens, there are many reasons why you may have an obstruction. By letting our Manhattan ENT doctor evaluate your condition we can determine the source of your obstruction and provide you with a treatment plan that works.

Common treatment options include prescribing antihistamines, steroid sprays and decongestants. These are often the first kinds of medications recommended, particularly for those with allergies.

If these medications don’t seem to help you better manage your symptoms then we will talk to you about additional treatment options that can correct this condition.

Chronic and Recurring Sinus Infections

Chronic sinus infections can be a nuisance when you have to deal with congestion, facial pain and pressure, difficulty breathing or headaches for months on end. If you’ve tried over-the-counter remedies and aren’t able to properly control your symptoms then it’s time to discuss other treatment options such as balloon sinuplasty.

This procedure is much less invasive than traditional surgery, boasts a quick recovery time and fewer side effects, and can be performed right here in our office. It can be an amazingly effective way to eliminate your chronic or recurring sinus infections.

Facial Pain

There are many reasons you could be suffering from facial pain, and it’s our goal to figure out the root cause so that we can find the right treatments to help you. In many cases, you could be dealing with facial pain if you are a chronic sinusitis sufferer or if you have nasal polyps. While medications can be used to manage your symptoms, in some cases certain procedures may be necessary to treat your sinusitis or to remove nasal polyps to treat your pain.

If you are suffering from any nasal symptoms and over-the-counter remedies just aren’t cutting it then it’s time you called our Manhattan, NY, ENT office today and booked a visit with Dr. Nass. Call (212) 734-4515 for the Manhattan office to schedule your appointment.